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The Observation Hive- A Year in Review

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As of May 15, we still have about 10 nucs available for pick up only - All package bees are sold out!

Please note that we cannot ship bees outside of the continental USA - sorry friends! Also please be sure to check out all of the terms and conditions before buying honey bees below.



NOT your average honey bees! Hearty, locally raised, organically managed 4.9mm small cell bees with a gentle disposition make our bees great for both beginners and experienced beekeepers alike

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We carry just about everything you need in order to start natural beekeeping. Order some of our most popular items below or sign up to get our FREE catalog for more information.

Nectar Gold

Our 8 frame starter hive comes natural comb guid medium frames, 3 medium hive bodies, a solid bottom board & telescoping cover.

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We would like to devote 10 acres of our property to becoming “Honey Bee Pastures”. We will plant clovers and other wild flowers that are in short supply to the honey bee. Could you help out? Thanks in advance for your kindness! Enjoy Beekeeping friends! Gene

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