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Bees are Awesome!

The Perfect Bee Hive you've never heard of!

  • Keep Bees Naturally
  • Maintenance-free hives that mimic how bees live in nature
  • Keep your bees healthy and strong without chemical treatments
  • Bees overwinter successfully even in the harshest climates
  • Produce natural honey without taking too much from the bees
  • Only 2 hive inspections per year
  • No heavy lifting
  • You don’t have to become a master beekeeper to keep bees!

The Perfect Hive

Download the plans from the mentor section below and build your own today OR fill out the request form below and I will build one for you with all the modifications incorporated for our climate zone & so that you can use your standard size frames!

Bee a Mentor

I want to share with you some of the natural and treatment free beekeepers out there that have shaped the way I currently manage bees. If you want to learn sustainable beekeeping practices, this is a great starting point. Watch their youtube videos & check out their web sites -

Click on a picture to visit these mentors

Michael Bush

Michael has probably influenced me the most and if you could only choose one source of information on keeping bees this would be it.

Don the Fat Beeman

Don was my first mentor. If you want to learn “soft treatments” for keeping bees using standard Langstroth equipment - Don is the man! If you happen to live near North Georgia you can work side by side with Don in his apiary classroom. An unforgettable experience. Click the picture to visit his youtube channel.

Dr Leo Sharshkin

As of 2020, I’m experimenting with the super successful methods of Dr Leo in keeping deep horizontal hives called Layens Hives. He has free plans on his website too.

Jason Bruns

Jason has lots of good info on swarm trapping, and also practices treatment free management. He also has free plans on his site, and some great podcasts on youtube.

Sam Comfort

Sam is like the Jedi master of beekeeping. You’ll love his youtube videos and the story of his beekeeping journey.

Jeff Horchoff Bees - Mr Ed

Just watching his videos makes you happy - this guy is amazing! If you want to learn how to do bee removal cut outs and swarm catching - check out his youtube channel by clicking on his picture.

Ordering Bees

I encourage you to learn how to catch wild swarms and raise survivor stock if possible. Check out how to catch swarms in the Mentor Section. If you would like to buy bees, try and buy them locally if at all possible. If not, Wolfe Creek Apiary is a good place to get your bees raised on small cell 4.9mm and they use “soft treatments”.

Please note that if you would like to have bees shipped to your door, our order button below will direct you to our good friends at Wolfe Creek Apiary. We’ve used some of their stock for several years. Click on the order button below to be directed to their order page.

Beekeeping Pics

Check it out!


Help us keep doing what we do!

We would like to devote 10 acres of our property to becoming “Honey Bee Pastures”. We will plant clovers and other wild flowers that are in short supply to the honey bee. We also seek out scientifically exploring the best possible way to keep bees naturally and sustainably and are working tirelessly to expand the local honey bee populations all over the world. Could you help out? Thanks in advance for your kindness! Enjoy Beekeeping friends! Gene

Free Stuff & Videos

Visit my YouTube Channel for free videos

Click on the above picture to download free plans for this Frame Assembly Jig

Click on the above photo and download the free “Field Guide to Honey Bees & their Maladies” by the PennState Extension


For driving directions please e-mail us

Enjoy Beekeeping Even More!

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