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Now You Can Learn Beekeeping Online!

Learn Natural Beekeeping Preview

Enjoy Beekeeping using Sustainable Treatment Free Methods

  • Keep Bees Naturally
  • Maintenance-free hives that mimic how bees live in nature
  • Keep your bees healthy and strong without chemical treatments
  • Bees overwinter successfully even in the harshest climates
  • Produce natural honey without taking too much from the bees
  • Just a few hive inspections per year
  • No heavy lifting
  • You don’t have to become a master beekeeper to keep bees!

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DIY Observation Bee Hive Kit

New for 2022! Easy to assemble in just 20 minutes, holds a full sized colony of bees all year round. 2-sheets of 20”x32” plexi glass NOT included

Ships to continental USA only. Price includes tax & shipping! OR pick up at our farm and save the shipping!

Purchase Bees

Our Honey bees are - small cell, organically managed mix of European genetics - Italian, Russian, German and Carniolan. These are NOT a pure strain, which is a good thing for diversity and overall health. They are as close to catching your own wild swarms as you can get.

Package bees have SOLD OUT for 2022


Raw, never heated, microfilterd or dehydrated. No chemical treatments or sugar feeding- ever! Far from big Ag pesticides, a rich biodiversity of forage for our local bees, managed in a cruelty free way.

We sell our honey by the pound and we have less than 100 jars available at this time. Please call / text or email to order.

Love Your Honey

Learn what it really takes for PURE honey


For driving directions please e-mail us

Bee a Mentor

I want to share with you some of the natural and treatment free beekeepers out there that have shaped the way I currently manage bees. If you want to learn sustainable beekeeping practices, this is a great starting point. Watch their youtube videos & check out their web sites - I also teach treatment free beekeeping here on our homestead.

Click on a picture to visit these mentors

Dr Leo Sharshkin

I’m convinced that this is the gold standard of keeping bees in deep horizontal hives called Layens Hives. Dr Leo has a book called “Keeping Bees with a Smile” that I highly reccomend & has free plans for Layens hives on his website too.

Michael Bush

Michael has an excellent web site and book for anyone who wants to learn treatment free beekeeping.

Jason Bruns

Jason has lots of good info on swarm trapping, and also practices treatment free management. He also has free plans on his site, and some great podcasts on youtube.

Sam Comfort

Sam is like the Jedi master of beekeeping. You’ll love his youtube videos and the story of his beekeeping journey.

Jeff Horchoff Bees - Mr Ed

Just watching his videos makes you happy - this guy is amazing! If you want to learn how to do bee removal cut outs and swarm catching - check out his youtube channel by clicking on his picture.

Free Stuff & Videos

Visit Enjoy Beekeeping on YouTube for FREE videos

Layens Bee Hive Plans

Click on the image to download the FREE plans

Layens Frames - FREE plans

Click on the picture to download the FREE plans

Layens Frame Jig - FREE Plans

Click on the picture to download the FREE plans

Langstroth Frame Assembly Jig - FREE plans

Click on the above picture to download free plans for this Frame Assembly Jig

Honey bees are such complex and fascinating creatures that one could spend a lifetime studying them and still not learn all there is to know about them. What do you think - did honey bees come into to existence by accident or were they put on earth for a purpose? Does it even matter? If you like science and enjoy gathering evidence to reach conclusions you may enjoy the 2 publications below. Just click on the picture to access and download from the publishers web site.

Click on the photo to download the cut list diagram

If you would like to see how to build this hive from start to finish you can enroll in my online beekeeping school and it’s inculded with your entire purchase - OR if you just want the video on building this hive, send me an email and request my $10 promo for this single video. Thanks!

Constructive Beekeeping

I have yet to finish this book, but so far I’m getting some really good information on the right amount of ventilation if any is needed for a hive and how too much can even be detrimental.

Beekeeping Pics

Check it out!


Help us keep doing what we do!

We have devoted 10 acres of our property as “Honey Bee Pastures”. We plant clovers and other wild flowers that are in short supply to the honey bee. We also scientifically explore the best possible way to keep honey bees naturally and sustainably and are working tirelessly to expand the local honey bee populations all over the world. Would you like help out? Thanks in advance for your kindness! Enjoy Beekeeping - Gene Rene’

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